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Affiliate Marketing is the new frontier for influencers and online marketers!
Elevate your brand trust and increase your earnings with our affiliate marketing program.

WELCOME to the
IWG Corporate
Services Affiliate

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Affiliate marketing is gaining popularity due to it's ability to generate passive income from your online audiences.  Learn more below.

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Monetize your brand and audience with valuable business  products from IWG. 

As a creator you spend countless hours developing your personal brand and building a following.  Affiliate marketing allows you to easily generate new income streams from your efforts.

IWG Corporate Services is a professional multi-family office that delivers critical services to business owners, partners and entrepreneurs.  If you have this type of audience, our affiliate program is for you.

Simply sharing our information with your audience and motivating them to make a purchase generates a significant commission to you.

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Image of a cell phone with the IWG logo and the words "Digital Sales & Marketing Program"

Affiliate Marketing

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Why Affiliate Marketing?

Content Creators, like yourself, know that traditional marketing channels have been changing rapidly over the last decade and moving towards a new digital reality.  Businesses must adapt and seek new ways to reach their audiences.  With over 5 billion users on social media (out of 8 billion people in the world), the world of marketing and advertising has shifted to new models. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods for both creators and businesses to expand brand reach and generate revenue.

Affiliate Marketing is the modern version of commission sales representatives. It allows businesses to reward creators from anywhere in the world for generating new sales for them.


  • Affiliate marketing helps businesses reach new audiences they might not otherwise reach and the creators can earn income they might not otherwise have been able to earn.

  • Affiliate marketing is a subtle form of advertising that doesn't require cold-calling, pressure sales tactics or sales presentations.  Most consumers are not even aware they're helping you earn an income when they make a purchase on the merchant's website with your referral link.

  • Affiliate marketing is risk-free for both the business and the content creator.  The business only incurs costs (commissions) once a sale is completed on their website.  The creators earn an ongoing, passive income once they install some simple content on their platform.


IWG Corporate Services offers "executive solutions to corporate challenges" by providing a wide range of outsourcing services that businesses need.  One of our main products is the (OHA) or "Organizational Health Assessment".  The OHA is ideal for business needing an outside 3rd-party perspective on "where their business is at" and discovering what their strengths are and where they need to focus their attention to improve the success and value of their business.

If your audience consists of business owners, managers, partnerships or entrepreneurs, the IWG Corporate Services Affiliate Program is ideal for you.

Learn about our
Organizational Health Assessment

Why IWG Corporate Services?

IWG Corporate Services has solutions for business owners.


Business owners & entrepreneurs must often wear multiple hats to run their operations, especially if they are small to medium-sized businesses that don't have department managers.  This could mean they handle all their human resources, bookkeeping, sales, marketing, merchandising, purchasing, collections, shipping, etc.  It can all be overwhelming and time-consuming and costly.  It can quickly burn people out and affect their quality of life.

Many people get into business because they believe being their own boss means choosing their own hours and having more time and or money to do the things they love.  Often, the opposite happens.

This is where IWG Corporate Services helps business owners.

Our multi-family office has experts in all facets of business operations and provide advice and services to ease the load on overworked and stressed out business owners.  Outsourcing is today's best way of getting things done faster and for less cost than hiring internally (if you can even find people these days).

Save yourself countless hours of time advertising, interviewing, onboarding, setting up the hardware & software and training new employees.  Save yourself frustration and money paying for uniforms & benefits for a new employee, then doing it all over again, if they leave.

IWG Corporate Services offers outsourcing for all major departments of business operations, making it easy for business owners to solve problems efficiently. 

The major benefit of using a multi-family office is having multiple experts to handle different departmental needs in one organization!  Subscribing to a single company for services eliminates the need to work with multiple professional offices, coordinating information between those offices and having to tell your "story" over and over again.

The IWG services team has the capability and experience to analyze, evaluate, recommend and execute solutions for your business without the ongoing costs of in-house staffing.  Need some HR assistance one month, and marketing the next.  We can handle that.

Statistics on Affiliate Marketing


of publishers consider Affiliate Marketing as one of their top 3 sources of revenue.


of publishers say good content boosts website traffic, and 65% also use social media to reach potential cusotmers.


of Brands use  affiliate programs and 16.5% of all online sales are driven by Affiliate Marketers.

How The Affiliate Marketing
Program Works


You have an
Online Audience of Business People

As a creator or publisher, you work hard to provide content that your audience finds valuable.

Adding content about IWG Corporate Services and their OHA (Organizational Health Assessment) helps business owners discover what they need to focus on for even greater success in their operations.


Sign up to become an Affiliate on

To become involved in Affiliate Marketing, you will apply to become an affiliate with

Share-A-Sale, one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms in the world.

They have over 240,000 publishers and 21,000 merchants offering programs in their world-wide system.


Join the IWG Corporate Services Affiliate Program

Once you are approved as an affiliate with Share-A-Sale, you can find the IWG Corporate Services Affiliate Program in their directory of merchants.

There, you can apply for consideration in the program.

We are looking for creators with quality content targeted to business people.


Download pre-made Creative Content & insert into your Marketing Channels

Once you are accepted into the IWG Corporate Services Affiliate Program, you get access to the wide variety of creatives we have made for you, in varying sizes to meet your needs.

Each creative you download will have your unique affiliate link attached to it, so if one of your audience members visits our website and makes a purchase, you get the commission!


Your custom Links Send People to our Site to Purchase.

When people are sent to our website from your unique link, and proceed to make a purchaseShare-A-Sale can track which affiliate was responsible for the sale.

You do not need an ecommerce site to process the sale.  You can monitor who has made purchases from your links in the personal affiliate dashboard, provided to you by Share-A-Sale.


You receive  Commissions on each Sale you Generate!

When one of your leads makes a purchase on our website, you get a commission payout.  As well, your tracking code is active for 60 days, so if they purchase at a later date, you are still credited with the sale.

Commissions earned in a month are paid the following month. This program can generate healthy commissions for those who put in the effort to make it work.

Steps to Success
in Affiliate Marketing

Step 1: Add our Digital Assets  to Your Site(s) and Push More Traffic to our offers.

We create digital content & dynamic videos to add to your blog pages or social media channels.

Once you have joined Share-A-Sale as an affiliate marketer and been accepted into the IWG Corporate Services Affiliate Program, you may access and download the creative content we have made for you.
There are a variety of sizes to best fit your website's available space(s).
By downloading these from your dashboard, your affiliate link is automatically embedded into the creatives.

Step 3: Embed Creatives as Breaks into Your Blogs.

Use our creative content as spacers to break up your article.  This helps your audience connect to the offer easier.
Using content only as banner or sidebar ads is great, but if the item you are writing about is handy, right there in the content of the article, it makes it easier for them to get to the website to make a purchase.

Step 2: Learn More about IWG, and Create Content for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Content drives people to your website or social pages.  Providing value in your content will improve your results.
Visit the IWG Corporate services website to learn more about the company and the services they provide.
Write a blog about the Organizational Health Assessment from IWG.  Contact us if you need information for your articles.
Articles written about outsourcing, business consulting, evaluating businesses for efficiency, etc. will help attract the audiences interested in our services.


Step 4: Describe Your Audience's "Pain Points" first and then the solution.

Headlines and content that describe a person's problem and ways to fix them work better than discussing benefits.
People by solutions to problems.  Capture their attention first by defining their problems and then offering to guide them to a solution generates better results.
Then give them a description of how nice life will be with the initial problem eliminated.

Your Affiliate Marketing Team

Working to deliver great revenue opportunities to creators and publishers

that have a business or entrepreneurial audience.

IWG Corporate Services has a team with a wide-range of business experience, from HR, Strategic Corporate Planning, Accounting & Bookkeeping and more.

Our Affiliate Marketing Team has years of experience in sales & marketing and is dedicated to providing effective solutions for businesses, including yours.

Jason netherton - 2022-11-15 .jpg

CEO and Partner

Jason Netherton, CLU

Image of team member Scott McKinnon

Marketing & Branding Director

Scott McKinnon

Rhys - Cropped Image.jpg

Digital Sales Coordinator

Rhys Netherton


IWG Corporate Services color LOGO

"Executive Solutions to Corporate Challenges."

IWG Corporate Services is a versatile multi-family office, based in the Okanagan region, providing professional services to business Canada and beyond.

Our in-house team of seasoned professionals, offer outsourcing solutions in all departments of business operations.  We are here to simplify the life of business owners and professionalize their operations with repeatable systems to drive efficiency, growth and overall value.

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"Executive Solutions to Corporate Challenges"

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